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St. Alexei (Alexy) [Russian Orthodox]

The Eye-Opener

Alexei was the Metropolitan of Moscow, and a spiritual advisor to Dmitri Donskoi. Born from boyar stock, he bridged the worlds of politics and faith, but it would take a journey beyond the comfortable confines of Moscow truly to awaken him to the truths of his beliefs. In 1357, Jani Beg, Khan of the Golden Horde, summoned Alexei — famed for his healing abilities — to Sarai to heal the blindness of his wife. The reality was that Alexei’s divine powers were severely limited, and the tales owed more to careful cultivation of his image. Terrified, Alexei tried to decline, until Jani Beg’s threat to devastate Moscow unless he travelled east forced him to accept his responsibilities. On the journey, Alexei came to understand his own frailties, the dangers of fame and the value of duty. Arriving at Sarai, he prayed day and night over the wife, and miraculously she was healed. Alexei saved his city, his soul and his faith, and would return home a wiser, holier man, dying in 1378. Revered as a saviour of Moscow, he has been elevated to the ranks of the saints so recently that his Secret has yet to be discovered.

Abilities: Devotee of St Alexei or Initiate of St Alexei, Know Moscow, Life of St Alexei, Open Eyes, See Through Propaganda, Spin Doctor.

Virtues: Dutiful, Love Moscow, See Through Self-Justification.

Affinity: Eye-Opener (Cure Blindness, See Another’s View, See Through Lies)

Rites & Representations: Alexei is typically represented with a bible in one hand, the other raised in blessing, but almost always with some sign of Moscow.

Worshippers:Alexei is considered one of the patron saints of Moscow.