Come closer, come see the wonders and delights from all the Russias, and from beyond, too: down the Silk Road from the distant lands of the Mongols, up the rivers from Tsargrad, the mighty city some call Constantinople, furs from the Siberian wastes and silver and trinkets from Europe…

The Firebird sells his fine wares, both the core Mythic Russia rulebook and The Birchbark Chronicle supplements, in print-on-demand hardcopy and PDF formats through Lulu, here.

Mythic Russia

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.The core Mythic Russia rulebook is once again available, at present as either 320-page softback or a PDF download – a hardcover version will follow. Handsomely illustrated, it contains all the rules you need, extensive and detailed background, a starter adventure and characters.

The Birchbark Chronicles

A series of supplements for Mythic Russia that explore parts of the setting in greater depth, present adventures and scenario ideas and generally build on the core material.

Birchbark Chronicles 1: The Golden Horde

“From the fury of the Tatars, oh lord, deliver us…”
The steppe nomads of the Golden Horde under their Mongol overlords have built a mighty empire, stretching across Asia and into the lands of the Rus’. This companion to the Mythic Russia roleplaying game reveals more about the past conquests of the Golden Horde, its present peoples (including a full guide to the Bashkorts, one of the constituent peoples of the Horde) and its future troubles. 60 pages, softback; includes maps, story seeds and a scenario. As an experiment, available in both full-colour and black & white versions, and also PDF download.

[to follow] Full-colour, perfect-bound version.
Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.Saddle-stitched version with black & white interior pages.