Mythic Russia core book

Mythic Russia presents the wonder of 14th Century Russia, from mythical animals and gods to real Russian history, in glorious fashion. The author does an amazing job of educating the reader about Russia while providing an interesting and well crafted game. … If an expertly created mesh of fantasy and history sounds like fun to you then read on!” – review by Christopher E Richeson on RPGnet.

“A fantasy RPG based on the HeroQuest system and the most thorough exploration yet of medieval Russia and its neighbors. In Mythic Russia, stories tell you!” – review by Peter Svensson on RPGnet.

Reviews of Birchbark Chronicles 1: The Golden Horde

“Ever fancied being a Mongol warrior thundering across the steppes, spreading fear and garnering fame? Well, with Birchbark Chronicles 1: The Golden Horde, you now have your chance.” – review by Chad Bowser on Geekdo.

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