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A little weirdness: icons, anime-style — February 21, 2019

A little weirdness: icons, anime-style

By Polina Vortus

There’s currently a bit of a furore surrounding an account on VKontakte, essentially the Russian FaceBook, devoted to pictures of icons, drawn in the style of manga. It’s here, in Russian but it’s really for the art, some of which is a little crude, but some of which is of great skill. Not quite sure what to do with it, but I thought it was worth flagging up!

(H/t to the Moscow Times, where I heard about this account.)

Russia in Medieval Trade Routes — February 19, 2019

Russia in Medieval Trade Routes

Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 12.50.53

Thanks to reddit user martinjanmansson, we now have access – here – to a great and usefully detailed map of medieval trade routes that is very useful for Mythic Russia. It is looking at the 112th-12thC, so a little early for the standard timeline – hence the distinct absence of Moscow as a hub – but it gives a nice sense of the flow, and also how the Rus’ were connected to markets east, west and south, and along these routes travel not just trade goods, but people, ideas…and opportunities for adventure! (The screenshot above is just of part of the overall map.)