Red Square Graphic

Forgive this brief break in transmission, but I’m just using this site also to host a piece of very different Russia-related roleplaying, the Moscow Mayhem playset for FIASCO, the ingenious storytelling game of “ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control.” It provides the basic setting, motivations and other playset elements for play in today’s Moscow:

2017, and Moscow, the Third Rome, has got its second wind. After the misery and chaos of the 1990s, it is now a capital of paradoxes: swanky, high-end luxury stores, a clear, shiny metro, but also crumbling Soviet-era housing estates and miserable, grimy suburbs. The in-your-face gangsterism has receded, not least as corrupt officials in their imported suits call the shots, but in some ways that just opens up new opportunities for the desperate, the stupid, the opportunistic, and the over-optimistic. You know, people like you…

You can download the playset here: FIASCO-Moscow