1920px-1898_Vasnetsov_Bogatyrs_anagoriaViktor Vasnetsov and his brother Apollinarii were 19thC artists whose work helps bring to life historical Russia, and folkloric and mythic Russia, too. Viktor, for example, is well-known for his iconic picture of the Three Bogatyrs, above, while I especially like Apollinarii’s more technical depiction of the marketplace in Novgorod, below.

1920px-Novgorod_torgIn any case, their work is a great inspiration of and for Mythic Russia, so here are some places to see more:

http://www.abcgallery.com/V/vasnetsov/vasnetsov.html (A very comprehensive gallery of VV’s art)

http://www.rusartist.org/viktor-mikhailovich-vasnetsov-1848-1926/ (a short essay about VV and his art)

http://englishrussia.com/2017/05/02/awesome-ancient-moscow-and-russia-as-seen-by-19th-century-russian-artist-vasnetsov/ (a sampler of AV’s historical images)

https://russianlife.com/stories/online-archive/vasnetsov-painter-and-planet-an-art-gallery/ (an essay about AV)