Mythic Russia

Heroic roleplaying in a mythical medieval Russia

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25% off all Mythic Russia books — until 31 January

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Mythic Prague —

Mythic Prague

It’s all been quiet on the Firebird front, but I did just want to share with you a little piece of news. A recent trip back to Prague, a truly beautiful city with a fascinating history, has confirmed in me a determination to turn various notes and thoughts I’ve accumulated into a Birchbark Chronicle supplement for adventuring in Prague at the same time as the main Mythic Russia timeline, the late 14th century, just after the death of the mighty and visionary Charles IV and during the years of his successor, Vaclav (Wenceslas IV). A wastrel and a drunkard, Wenceslas IV would face numerous challenges to his authority — what better a turmoil-wracked time for adventure?

These are times in which ‘Golden Prague’ is near its height, but as usual I will likely allow myself a few liberties with the chronology in the name of maximum game fun. For example, the Hussite sect only really emerged in the 15th century, but they are too interesting a faction not to include, so one-eyed Jan Zizka, defenestrations (that’s throwing people out of windows — ideally onto waiting pikes) and Hussite war wagons will be in the mix. And for the first time a treatment of Judaism in MR as well as the (*ahem*, 16th century) Golem of Prague. More information to follow, but my hope is to see this book out in 2012.

Expect a detailed guide to the city full of adventure hooks, information on the Hussites and the Jewish faith, keywords for the people of Prague, movers and shakers of the time and also an adventure, tentatively title ‘A Prague Spring.’ And gargoyles, stained glass windows, ghosts, and dumplings.