Mythic Russia

Heroic roleplaying in a mythical medieval Russia

Mythic Russia also now available in hardcover! — June 18, 2010
Mythic Russia is back! — June 13, 2010

Mythic Russia is back!

The core rulebook of Mythic Russia is back in print, available through Lulu! It is also for the first time sold as a PDF ebook for those looking to save paper and/or money.

What’s more, the price of both Mythic Russia and the Birchbark Chronicle 1 – The Golden Horde have been reduced, so no better time to spend some of that silver you hid from the Mongols’ tax collectors…

New print edition of Mythic Russia coming soon! — June 8, 2010

New print edition of Mythic Russia coming soon!

Very soon, the Mythic Russia core rulebook will be available from as either a PDF or hardcopy (both an initial softback and then hardcover versions). I’m awaiting a test print and assuming all is fine with that, hope to be able to make an announcement around 15 June. After almost two years out of print, it will be great for me to see it available again.